Ashiatsu Massage

“The deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet.”

Ashi (“foot”) Atsu (“pressure”) dates back 3,000 years. This form of bodywork has been used in Japan, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and China and involves giving massage with the therapist’s feet.
Michelle has practiced Ashiatsu for over 17 years. She also uses her hands for the neck and specific areas that need attention. The reason for using the feet is to apply broad and even pressure to the client’s body as opposed to using elbows, hand, or thumbs that only address a small area at a time. Because of this evenly distributed pressure, the client will not feel the soreness after receiving Ashiatsu versus a typical deep tissue massage.
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is a modality created by Ruthie Hardee ( This incredibly therapeutic form of bodywork is achieved by the therapist using parallel bars stabilized to the ceiling for support while giving gentle, medium, or deep Swedish strokes to the client lying on the table.
Michelle also incorporates trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques with her feet/hands, according to what each client needs for their tailored session.

Some of the Many Benefits of Ashiatsu:

I include CUPPING in this 1.5 hour massage, which assists with lymphatic drainage, relieving muscle pain, and helping with circulation, blood flow, skin conditions, and more. I also include a high quality, concentrated, organic CBD oil and salve. CBD has been effectively shown to help with anxiety, stress, depression, inflammation, insomnia, high blood pressure, pain management, relaxation, and so much more!

The 2-Hour Ashiatsu Massage also includes TMJ / Psoas work and and/or sound healing.

Other Massages

Swedish Massage

My main specialty is Ashiatsu Massage. Even though it is considered a deep massage, I am quite capable of doing a much lighter Ashiatsu Massage on a Swedish level. I also use my hands for the neck and other areas of the body that need specific work done. Ashiatsu is a very smooth and relaxing massage that is out of this world! Try it!

Deep Tissue Massage

My main specialty is Ashiatsu Massage, which is Deep Tissue Massage done with my feet. Please note that I do not do regular, Deep Tissue massage. However, I do combine Deep Tissue techniques with my hands for specific issues in your tissues, and I do neck massage with my hands. You will be quite satisfied with the Ashiatsu Massage! You would be surprised by how much toes and heels can do! It’s also a much smoother and firm pressure with my feet rather than pointy elbows and fingers. Try it out!

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is to book in a clarity call so that we can explore your current situation and find the best modality for you.

Alternatively you can send me an email directly and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.