Three Weeks
To Embodied Peace

Three Weeks To Embodied Peace

June 12 - June 27th

Are you exhausted from running in a human hamster wheel of stress and anxiety?

Would you like to feel more peace, joy, and resolution in your life?

Do you want more control over your life an destiny?

Join my 3 Week Online Program to cultivate a calm and creative approach to all aspects of your life.

What You Will Learn

Here’s What’s included:

Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls

Facebook Support Group

Lifelong Grounding Techniques

Bonus Opening Cacao Ceremony


What Clients Are Saying...

I highly recommend Michelle Renee. When I began working with her I was experiencing a lot of stress and difficulty calming down with everyday activities. After my first session with her I immediately began to feel more calm and positive. After each session I experienced more ability to be present, calm and grounded. My work with her has led me to being more present in my body and has given me the realization that my job is to live and experience life. Michelle Renee is authentically herself and did not bring judgment or biases with her into her work and truly met me where I was at. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Jennifer K

“I am so grateful for meeting Michelle! I’ve fully enjoyed my experience working with her, from my first cacao ceremony to her comfortable and accepting space for the various modalities she integrated throughout my sessions. I made a great decision with purchasing the Life Liberation program and I believe the modalities she offered me provided deeper revelations throughout each session we had together. With the program, I experienced hypnotherapy, soul retrieval, reiki, emotion code, and quantum regression, and each modality helped me see the bigger picture within my life lessons, and allowed me to dive deeper into further exploration of self and my connection to spirit. I also had the opportunity to experience an Ashiatsu Massage and cupping session; and I must say it was one of the best massages I’ve received! Michelle is very supportive and cares deeply of my soul journey.”

Joseph Y

Michelle Renee literally appeared on my search screen in what I consider perfect divine timing. I am a believer in our soul’s eternal journey, in ancient forms of healing, and in the unseen world of guides and ancestors. I wasn’t experiencing anything significantly BAD in my life at the time, and I also knew it was time for more growth and learning. Michelle is simply divine. Her shamanic practices, her Reiki, her deep understanding and effective use of the Emotion Code , the loving support of Mama Cacao all around her and the AMAZING Soul Retrieval journey she took me on have been absolutely beautiful, healing and enlightening. I’m beyond grateful that I’ve said yes to all of this and will be a patron of her light for as long as I can!

Taylor H

To say that Michelle Renee changed my life would be an understatement. Over the last 31 years, I experienced the murder of my father and many other things that contributed to the downward spiral that I called my life.I was disconnected from my family, my friends and most of all myself. Through Michelle’s spiritual healing, hypnosis and soul retrieval I have been able to restore my faith in God, conquer my fears, chase my dreams and am on the way to becoming the man I’ve always wanted to be.I encourage anyone with trauma, trust issues, low self esteem or just a general desire to improve their faith and self image to give Michelle a call.Thank you for everything Michelle and I look forward to continuing our journey.

Bobby A

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